- Brian W. Keane, Founder & Managing Director, Seabrook Partners, LLC Bethesda, MD
I have been involved with several business ventures with Joe Tatum over the past 15 years as part of TradeWinds Capital, ADMMicro, Inc., and now Silverback Innovations, Inc. His foresight, integrity, leadership and financial skills were always evident in everything that we undertook and were instrumental in putting together financial relationships that enabled us to successfully grow the businesses that we were supporting. He always handled himself in a professional manner of the highest standards. I highly recommend him.
- Garnett Smith, Retired President & CEO, Advance Auto Parts, Roanoke, VA
I have worked with Joe Tatum for many years in many capacities – as a banker, as a business partner, as a business manager and as a client in a number of complicated legal transactions. Particularly in our relationship with TradeWinds Capital I have observed Joe’s ability to oversee investments in a wide range of businesses and work in a hands on fashion through difficult situations providing practical solutions with respect to finance, management and contractual issues. Joe’s adherence to high ethical standards always has meant to me that I can count on his honesty and integrity in any project in which he is involved.
- Douglas W. Densmore, Attorney, COWANPERRY pc, Roanoke, VA
I have been a partner with Joe Tatum for over 15 years in TradeWinds Capital, LLC, ADMMicro, Inc. as well as a few other companies. Joe has always handled all of the financial negotiations and has been integrally involved in the operations of each of our partnership entities. Joe understands the world of commercial lending and bank negotiations as well as business management. I would recommend Joe and SureFoot to help your business grow or assist you and your team in recognizing problems that need to be addressed. Joe’s insights are invaluable for any management team. His straightforward, candid approach to business issues is incredibly helpful. I highly recommend him for any business.
- Donald G. Smith, Retired President & CEO, Roanoke Electric Steel Corporation, Roanoke, VA
Our firm has known and worked with Joe Tatum for over 25 years. Joe was our accounting firm’s commercial banker for many years. Joe single handedly was responsible in getting our firm out of leasing office space and buying our office building in downtown Roanoke. Building on that mutual trust, our CPA firm has performed all of the tax and audit needs for TradeWinds Capital, LLC, ADMMicro, Inc., American Classic Suites, LLC and several other startup companies Joe was instrumental in forming. We have sought Joe’s expertise and have had huge success with him advising our clients regarding their banking relationship and also in improving their overall financial condition, cash flow, and bankability. Joe is well aware of what it takes to lend money and borrow money for the entities he helped start, and the experience to negotiate both. Our firm has worked together extremely well in those situations and for the most part have come to similar conclusions regarding what a particular company needed to reach the next level of financial performance. Our firm will continue to recommend Joe and SureFoot in the future.
- J. Patrick Budd, CPA – Founder, Budd & Company, PLC,Roanoke, VA
Based on Professional Network Service’s knowledge of Joe Tatum’s background as a commercial banker for over 20 years and a successful entrepreneur for over 15 years, we decided to engage Joe and SureFoot, LLC to take a look at how to take PNS to the next level. Over the next 6 months working with Joe’s direction, PNS implemented a number of suggestions regarding structure, bank relationship review, expense reduction, operations and a focus on increased revenue generation. Once several of these suggestions were implemented, PNS achieved record back to back earnings over the next two years. We value the relationship we have with Joe and SureFoot and the owners of PNS highly recommend their services.
- David Topping, President & CEO, Professional Network Services, Inc., Roanoke, VA
Katch Supply was referred to Joe Tatum by a former CEO of a large national company. The CEO had worked with Joe for over 15 years and felt our company would benefit from his experience based on his background as a senior commercial lender as well as he and his partners having formed several startup companies, scaling one from inception to a global basis before selling. We reached out to Joe and he provided insight into our current banking relationship as well as providing us with an alternative strategic plan. His advice was well timed and strategic in helping us move away from a potential structure that may have required more debt. The results have exceeded our expectations in 2013. We found Joe’s leadership to be one that was very direct but on target. We would definitely engage Joe and His company in thefuture.
- Linda Simmers, Co-Owner, Katch Supply, Salem, VA
Aim 51 reached out to Mr. Joe Tatum after learning of his extensive business development background and strong financial skill set through a prior business partner of his from Fort Worth, Texas. We were considering forming a subsidiary of our company to market a unique service through several entities including an international corporation. Joe and his partners brought invaluable expertise on a national and international scale and they worked seamlessly with our principals to design alternative options and solutions for our business expansion. We found his input and advice to be concise yet through and backed by real-world expertise that we acted upon with confidence. We would consider working with Joe and his team for future opportunities and recommend others do the same.
- Dave Fennessy, President & CEO, AIM 51, Dallas, Texas
Our company began working with Joe in the early stages of our underground utility supply company. Under his guidance, he coached us in some areas of financial statement analysis which proved to be invaluable to our company as the years passed. We always felt we had an advocate with Joe as our banker and he always gave us the good, the bad and the ugly and would help guide us in our decision process in an ever changing banking environment. Joe remained our banker the entire time until we sold the company years later. As owners, we felt like we had a true partner arrangement with Joe and not just a standard commercial banker. Not only was Joe our banker, he became our friend and remains so to this day. We always trusted what he told us was in our best interest and he looked at our situation as if he were sitting in our seat. We highly recommend Joe and SureFoot.
- R. Steven Clay, Past President & CEO, Virginia Water & Waste Supply Co., Inc., Roanoke, VA
Our firm was engaged by Joe Tatum and his partners to assist in the negotiation of a number of inquiries regarding the purchase of ADMMicro, Inc. Our firm worked directly with Joe and the other owners over a 2 year period. Joe was E.V.P. & Managing Director of ADMMicro, Inc. at the time and we worked closely together to a successful transaction. Not only was the business transaction handled professionally, we have remained friends with Joe over these years and the relationship we enjoy has resulted in even more business together. Our firm’s experience was satisfactory and we believe engaging Joe and SureFoot, LLC will bring similar positive results to your company as well.

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